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Jenlis,Inc. Weed Razer is the #1 selling brand of aquatic weed removal tools in the world.    

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Awesome! This thing [Weed Raker] grabs everything out of the lake! Pallets, dead duck, beer cans and oh yeah all the seaweed! It grabs muck too but it kind of goes through the tines as your pulling. A must have if you live on a lake!

—SherriC1978 on June 9, 2017–

The pond in my property was choking with weed. I tried a few different approaches to improve it but hadn’t had much success. This rake [Weed Raker] really helped me tackle the problem. I was surprised how efficient it is. Easy to assemble and sturdy. Great product – very happy with it

—Robert Lowe on June 17, 2017–

Great combo with the Weed Razer by Jenlis. Have to use pull weeds to shore but then need to grab by hand the heavier clumps for fear of breaking the tines or bending.

—Bay Area Dick on June 23, 2017–

Works very well…as advertised. It’s very sharp and the weeds just float to the top. Makes quick work of an otherwise daunting task.

—Long Bow on June 17, 2017–

Excellent product and delivered as promised! Thanks.

—Michael C. Ashcraft on June 19, 2017–

[Weed Razer] Does what is says. I have used several other solutions, and this is the best so far. Comes with a steel sharpener to keep the blades sharp. The edges are sharp.

—Mark Henderson on May 1, 2017–

What a great solution for my lake weeds! I had a very thick bunch of the smaller lilies choking up my swimming area. We tried pulling them up while sitting on our paddle boards we tried throwing a rake with a rope attached but we just couldn’t completely get rid of them so I jumped on U Tube and saw this product in action and ordered from Amazon. The very first time I tossed it out and pulled it back it cleared every weed in its path, they just floated to the surface and just a few more passes and some piles on the beach and the grand kids could swim weed free again. I just love seeing them have so much fun again and playing with them.

—Robert L. Christensen on August 6, 2015–

“This is a very easy tool to use even for two small women. It was very comfortable to use, sharp as stated, cleans up in seconds. I wanted to purchase this tool a few years back, but hesitated, wish I hadn’t. In just about 20 hrs. of work between four of us, we were able to clear a half acre area.”

—Ely on June 28, 2016–

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