Aquatic Weed Mower

Aquatic Weed Mower

Does this look like a familiar view?

As that family reunion or annual fishing weekend approaches, your To-Do List grows.

Firewood stacked
Fishing line replenished
Yard trim and tidy
Boat ready to go

You look out at the water.

A pit blooms in your stomach.

How did the dock get so bad?

Cattails and bulrush have taken over, blocking the swimming ladder you installed last year.

Clearing all the weeds away would take days of removal. And you don’t have the money to rent a harvester to clear it away.

So what can you do?

With a large amount of weeds and a very little time, we recommend the Aquatic Weed Mower.

Mounted on your boat transom, this electric motor will cut weeds at 3 feet below surface level. Quickly and efficiently the mower blades cut through cattail, bulrush, lily pads as well as any rooted aquatic weed in its path.
Aquatic Weed Mower

Due to the nature of this mower, to prevent weed regrowth we encourage addressing the “root” of the problem eventually. Either treating the water or cutting the weeds at the roots and removing them.

Once the weeds are cut, the entrails will float to the surface. It is in your best interest to remove the remains, not only for aesthetic purposes (impress those buddies of yours with a clear waterfront), but to prevent regeneration of vegetation .

They may be captured via Weed Raker or Swifter Sifter after cutting with the Aquatic Weed Mower, but before spreading too far.

This product is meant for efficient vegetation management first and foremost.


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