Identifying Lake and Pond Weeds

You’ve recognized you have a water weed problem, but now what? Before you tackle those pesky lake or pond weeds, it’s important to understand what type of vegetation you’re dealing with. Here’s a handy list to help you ID your aquatic weeds.


Floating Plants

Description: Growing unattached or rooted with floating leaves
Example: Water hyacinth, bladderwort, salvinia or water lettuce
Recommend products: Weed Raker




Submerged Plants

Description: Growing entirely below and up to the water’s surface
Example: American pondweed, curly-leafed pondweed, hydrilla, Eurasian watermilfoil, sago pond weed and southern naiad
Recommended products: Weed Razer Pro and Weed Raker



Cattails in Pond

Emergent Plants

Description: Growing in shallow water with leaves or stems above the water’s surface
Example: Cattail, lily pads, bulrush, reed, water shield (dollar bonnet), pickerelweed
Recommended products: Weed Razer Pro and Weed Raker

In future posts, we’ll dive into more details about lake and pond weed types—floating, submerged and emergent plants.


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