A Simple Guide to Cattail Control and Removal

Cattails can be beautiful in floral arrangements or as an intentional part of your garden landscape.

However, when you’re trying to get them out of your yard, they can quickly turn into a complete nightmare!

Because they can grow up to ten feet high and spread their fluff all across your landscape, many people find that cattails are far more of a problem than they initially expected.

When you’re looking for cattail control solutions, the good news is that you have far more options than you might think.

So, before you lose what’s left of your sanity fighting off these plants, read on to learn what you can do to regain control of cattails, or remove them altogether.

Jumpstart Cattail Control With A Weed Razer

If you’ve ever tried to chop down a cattail on your own, you know just how surprisingly tough these plants can be!

You need a serious weed-whacking blade to be able to cut them down to size.

Enter our Weed Razer tool, which is made of tough stainless steel to help you take out as many of those bad boys as possible. To ensure that it stands up to even the toughest cattail control problems, (as well as the elements) it’s also made from aluminum.

What really sets this apart from other tools, however, is the fact that it actually cuts the roots of the cattails and helps you to get up under the base of even aquatic roots.

This means that you won’t have to come back every other weekend and do the job all over again.

Try Our SOB Multipurpose Pitchfork

When you’re looking for lasting cattail control solutions, sometimes, you need to call in the big guns.

And there’s no better option than our Son Of A Beach (SOB) Multipurpose Pitchfork when you’re looking to get the job done once and for all.

What’s its secret?

First of all, it’s designed for use on both land and water. Since cattails usually grow around lakes and ponds, chances are you’ll need a tool that can knock them out wherever they are.

Its comfortable grip makes it easy to maneuver, and it’s large teeth have been created to allow you to pick up multiple weeds and cattails at once.

After all, who wants to spend their entire Saturday afternoon weeding?

As a bonus, you can also use the pitchfork to get rid of snails and other pests that wreak havoc on your garden, as well as to help you carry mulch and dirt from one place to another.

Go For A Chemical Solution

The above tools will help you to get rid of cattails that have already started to show.

However, to really tackle your cattail control issues, you’ll also need to take a more preventative action.

The best way to do that?

By giving a chemical solution a shot.

For the most part, we suggest using a combination of both diquat and glyphosate. For best results, we suggest waiting until your cattails are at least a foot high. We know this can be frustrating, but remember that the chemicals will need to penetrate all the way down to the roots of the plant.

Even the time of year that you apply these chemicals can make a difference. We suggest anywhere from July to October/November for maximum efficiency.

Keep in mind, however, that if you have young children (or really, anyone) that frequently swims in the lake or pond where cattails grow, this may not be a safe solution.

If you still want to use the chemicals to wipe out cattails, then we suggest keeping people out of the lake for at least twelve hours after the initial application.

At least that gives you the perfect excuse to sit by the lake all day, right?

Try A Salt Block

If you’re still wary of a chemical solution, you can also invest in a salt block to get the job done.

We don’t mean that you can just go into your kitchen and start pouring table salt all over your cattails. Instead, invest in a high-quality block and put it in the center of the cattail plant.

This solution will take about two months to go into effect, so it’s not the right option for those looking for instant results. Also, keep in mind that many other plants will also be impacted by the presence of salt.

So, if you’re looking to get rid of exclusively cattails, then you might want to go with one of our other suggestions.

We also suggest investing in some muck control products, like an aquatic mower, to keep the rest of the area around your pond or lake as clean as possible.

Looking For Additional Weed Control Advice?

Thanks to this post on cattail control, those pesky plants no longer stand a chance against you!

For the perfect solution that will wipe out cattails for good, we suggest going for a combination of all the options listed here.

Of course, we know that cattails are likely not the only weeds and plants in your garden or landscape that you’re interested in getting rid of.

Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered.

Spend some time on our website to learn how our efficient and seriously strong tools can help you to wipe out tons of weeds with as little effort as possible. Then, call up your friends and host a backyard party to show off your stunning, weed-free garden!

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