Sink your teeth into some MUCK!

What happens when vegetation slowly decomposes in the water?  You got it, MUCK, which rhymes with YUCK.  When oxygen is depleted in a water body, anaerobic bacteria partially break down the sediment.  In the process, they expel hydrogen sulfide.  Ultimately, the causes of organic sediment (muck) accumulation, unpleasant odor and fish kills in lakes are a lack of oxygen and high levels of toxic gases.

Most have experienced the displeasure of stepping into the water and your toes sink into the muck or the flip flop is stuck in 3 inches of muck.  Shorefront property owners have been challenged to figure out a way to rid their prized beachfront of unwanted muck and silt that accumulates on the surface of a sandy lake floor.  First off understand oxygen is an enemy of muck, hence the Muck Razer.   Muck Razer is a robust tool with jagged teeth that will agitate and aerate the floor of your lake.   Strategically designed with curved steel agitating teeth, durable aluminum handle, and strong PVC drum.   The Muck Razer is maintenance free.

The best part of all is how easy it is to use:

1. Roll the Muck Razer into the water. The head will fill up with water and sink to the bottom.
2. Push the drum back and forth across the ‘muck’ and root infested area. This action will aerate the sediment -accelerating its breakdown -and dig out roots.
3. Repeat until you achieve the desired result. De-rooted vegetation will float to the surface and should be removed.


There is no reason you need to resort to costly measures like dredging or subjecting your watershed to a possibly toxic solution, like chemicals.   Muck Razer is the do-it-yourself solution to keep your beach looking and feeling sexy!   A cost effective solution to an expensive problem, and no electric power required.

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