Water Weed Removal Therapy


Life is ever changing.

You know this; I know this. Nature knows this.


Water Weed Removal



In recent years, it seems the rate of change is quickening its pace everywhere (i.e. medicine, technology, the economy, the planet). And in the midst of this chaos, humans find ourselves scrambling to adapt.


Americans, according to Newsweek, are experiencing stress, depression, and anxiety at the highest rates ever recorded.

Water Weed Removal

Needless to say, stress-relief is no longer a cause for vacation, but rather a daily necessity.


So what does this have to do with aquatic weeds? Don’t they add to our stress?

Water Weed Removal


You may have sought out a place near water because of its calming effect, and when you realized the amount of work required, it added to your stress.

So your peace was interrupted.

While maintaining a well-kept waterfront property may be a pain, removing aquatic vegetation doesn’t have to be.


Now bear with me, but I would say, cutting your water weeds can be therapeutic.



Exercise, nature, and…problem solving


If you’ve lived long enough to learn how to read, you heard that exercise is good for you. Something about preventing heart disease and cancer…? but an added bonus of exercise by tossing that Weedrazer out into a field of lilypads is that you’re going to feel better.

No matter your age or physical strength, moving your body increases dopamine and serotonin; two naturally occurring chemicals that combat depression and anxiety.


And although, the Weedrazer isn’t terribly heavy nor difficult to manage, the steady activity of tossing it out and pulling it in will be enough for your heart to beat a little faster. And that’s all it takes.




You already know that nature can be therapeutic, especially since you’ve been hanging around the water. But in addition to the calming qualities of water, being outside is incredibly beneficial to your health.

You will start benefiting from nature within seconds of stepping outside. Lowering cortisol (the stress hormone) and increasing feelings of trust and generosity.


To take full advantage of the benefits of nature, studies suggest being physically active in a beautiful natural setting; why not drop the Swifter Sifter in the water and walk along the shoreline as you pull it in?


Problem Solving Therapy


Problem-solving therapy is a cognitive–behavioral intervention therapy recognized by the American Psychological Association. It’s primary premise is to teach stress-reduction tactics by way of measurable goals.

Homework assignments for this type of therapy include addressing stressors creatively and effectively to learn adaptive problem solving skills. What is one of your problems that has a simple solution? Lake weeds, perhaps?

We have a few creative ways to help you solve your waterfront weed problems.

Visible progress is here.

MN Aquatic Invasive Species











So if you’re interested in uprooting a source of stress in your life and replacing it with tranquility and comfort, welcome.

We know just what you need…

Water Weed Removal Therapy

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