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  • Florida’s 5 Most Common Freshwater Weeds 2018

    Florida: (from the Spanish word florido) meaning ‘full of flowers’ Nestled in perfect proximity to the equator, Florida attracts plants and animals like a tropical paradise only can.   Humans aren’t the only ones flocking to the sunshine state for staycation. Invasive aquatic plants have overtaken Florida freshwater, and a handful in particular, have become Florida’s 5 […]

  • How to get rid of algae in a pond?

    What is algae? Plant Animal Fungus Protist (What’s a protist? A trashcan term to encompass complex organisms that share plant-like, or other kingdom traits) ALGAE DEFINITION: A primitive uni-cellular and multi-cellular organism found in freshwater, seawater and brackish waters. What is Algae and How to Get Rid of Algae in a Pond or Lake?   […]


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  • Blue-Green Algae

    Floating Filamentous Cyanobacterium (Blue-Green Algae) The most commonly occurring algae is, in fact, bacteria. Not algae. Previously called ‘Blue-Green Algae’ it shares many traits with algae (eukaryotic cells) including appearance. Cyanobacteria fossils date back 3.5 billion years, making these prokaryotic cells the oldest known fossils in the world. It may be interesting to remind you, […]

  • State Boating Regulations: Prevent Spread of Invasive Species

    Nothing says summer quite like flying across blue water under a brilliant sun. Wiping your face as the wind splashes droplets everywhere. Whether you’re headed to a remote fishing spot or a bustling locale, boating creates memories of the warmest caliber. It’s a privilege to have a boat and take it out onto the water. […]

  • MN Aquatic Invasive Species Trends for 2018

    In the land of 11,842 lakes, 69,200 miles of rivers, and 9.2 million acres of wetlands, Minnesota doesn’t joke around when it comes to AIS (aquatic invasive species). Along with the usual suspects on the AIS Watch List, the Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center  and Minnesota State Management Plan have surmised MN Aquatic Invasive […]


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