Weed Cutting Tools

At Weed Razer, we sell a variety of solutions for aquatic weed and plant management and removal for your lake or pond.   Our weed cutting tools cleanly slice through plants in the water, utilizing a “V” shape that provides an optimal angle for cutting.

Coming in various styles, from the lighter-duty Express model to the heavy-duty, adjustable Pro version, you’re sure to find a weed cutting tool perfect to get any of your jobs done. Leave your pond looking as clean as ever and free from cluttered weeds with a WeedRazer.

For more information about the different models of the Weed Razer that we sell, contact us today. We look forward to working with you!

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  • Weed Razer™ – $169.99

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  • weed razer pro

    Weed Razer™ Pro – $199.99

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  • aquatic weed cutter

    Weed Razer™ Express – $149.99

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  • Weed Razer™ Pro & Razer Rake Combo – $329.98 (Free Shipping)

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  • aquatic weed control

    Weed Raker & Weed Razer Combo – $319.98 (Free Shipping)

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  • control lake weeds

    Weed Razer™ Pro & Weed Raker Combo – $349.98 (Free Shipping)

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  • Cut-Resistant Gloves – $14.95

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