Weed Razer™ Pro & Weed Raker Combo – $349.98 (Free Shipping)

Weed Razer™ Pro & Weed Raker Combo – $349.98 (Free Shipping)

$349.98 each


Key Features

  • This combo pack gives you the ability to cut and retrieve the weeds (required by most states)
  • Includes Blade Sharpener


Weed Razer Pro

Remove and control lake weeds with the Weed Razer Pro and Weed Raker Combo (Our most popular selling combo pack). The Weed Razer Pro is an adjustable version of our Weed Razer aquatic weed cutter. With the same weed-slicing performance of the original, this easy-to-use cutting tool features stainless-steel blades that adjust to seven different angles to cut through tough underwater weeds. It effectively clears a path through the water from 30 to 62 inches and collapses for compact storage. Multiple blade positions allow optimal weed-cutting performance with all types of aquatic vegetation and densities.

The Weed Razer Pro’s adjustability provides the flexibility required for tight areas (like small ponds or around lake docks) or maximum productivity by cutting an area 25% larger with each throw than the original Weed Razer. Plus it features a floating rope that gives this weed-cutting tool a reach of up to 30 feet. Weighing an ideal nine pounds, the Weed Razer Pro is environmentally friendly and can be used easily and safely in shallow or deep water. Tip: Use the Weed Raker to remove weed fragments after cutting underwater plants.

1. Throw blades out and over the area to be cleared

2. Pull it back in using short, hard jerking motions

3. Repeat as needed

Weed Raker

The Weed Raker pond and lake rake is the ultimate aquatic weed removal tool. Use this multipurpose lake rake to clear away underwater weeds after cutting them with the Weed Razer Pro underwater weed cutter. The Weed Raker easily removes debris and free-floating weeds like water hyacinth, bladderwort, salvinia, water lettuce, and others. It also clears away debris from the lake or pond bed.

Featuring 8-inch-long teeth, the Weed Raker digs and pulls weed stems and roots from the bottom, slowing or eliminating re-growth. To clear floating material on the water’s surface, simply fill the hollow rake head with floating material. Or fill it with heavy material like gravel to reach weeds, debris and organic matter on the bottom or your lake or pond. Tip: Use the Weed Razer Pro to cut underwater plants before removing them from the water’s surface with the Weed Raker.

Additional information

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 10 × 41 in

Key Features

  • This combo pack gives you the ability to cut and retrieve the weeds (required by most states)
  • Includes Blade Sharpener

Product Specs

* free shipping in U.S. only.

 Materials:   Galvanized Steel/Aluminum
 Old Part Number:   WRZ10, WRZP10
 New Part Number:   580113
 Overall Weight:    9 Pounds  
 Overall Width:   62 Inches  
 Blade Length:   31 Inches  
 Handle Length:   65 Inches  
 Rope Length:   25 Feet  
 Assembled Dimensions   3″ x 62″ x 96″  
 Materials:   Aluminum
 Old Part Number:   WRK09
 New Part Number:   580111
 Overall Weight:    6 Pounds  
 Overall Width:   36 Inches  
 Handle Length:   132 Inches  
 Rope Length:   43 Feet  
 Assembled Dimensions   9″ x 37″ x 132″  




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